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I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Penny for all her continued Quickbooks support. After initially setting me up with Quickbooks and helping me get the systems running alongside my business, slowly over a period of time I had taken my eye of the ball and a few things needed tidying up... A bit of a spring clean. Penny came down and helped me resolve these issues and took the opportunity to explain further features which I was only ever going to need once I had some real life scenarios that needed to be recorded in Quickbooks.
As a creative designer without an accountancy mentality, Penny ’s Quickbooks training has really helped me manage my business without too much effort.
Penny has also been on the end of the phone to give advice and answer questions at key times such as VAT return deadline day and it is comforting to know there is someone there to help you out and understand where the problems are and how to get through them.
Thank you Penny
Neil Mandel Vanilla Active Web Site Development − Hertfordshire


Even though I had a reasonable working knowledge of Quickbooks, Penny at Wellington Consulting has been brilliant in helping me when I encounter something I don’t understand or get stuck with.

Being able to book one to one training for a specific point when I need it, is a huge help and talking to an expert like Penny who can take me through things in a calm and logical way saves me both time and money.   
Dawn Chumley - Accounts department Travelwrap