QuickBooks Consultancy Services

Benefits From Our Experience

If you have been using QuickBooks for a while, you may not have appreciated the extra features that have been added over the years. Alternatively, where staff have come and gone over the years, set ways have developed. Are they the most effective/efficient way? In many cases companies either have their own internal accountant or rely on an external firm. Either way the accountants are sometimes either not getting what they want from QuickBooks, or don't want to touch it because they don't understand it.

This is where Wellington Consulting can help. We are accountants as well as trainers and can bridge the gap between what QuickBooks produces and the Accountant needs. A face to face demonstration on how it can be used in your business can save hours for you and your staff and you can receive benefit from the data that goes in to give you information coming out.

Discuss your needs with our resident expert who has seen QuickBooks used in many environments.  

We enjoy the challenge of digging until we find the answer.

Call on 01989 730713 to find out when we can come along and help you move forward.