Specialised Quickbooks Courses

Training to suit your needs

We have developed a series of training modules that deal with all aspects of QuickBooks. This allows us to tailor courses to suit your individual needs.

The style can be hands on or presentational.

The location can be at your office or an alternative venue supplied by you.

The content can be include up to 6 topics chosen from the list of 14 below, providing the selection is notified in advance.

Setting up a new system
Customisation of customer documents
Stock including assembly
Multi currency
VAT including some special schemes if relevant
Recording and recharging time
Job costing
Construction Industry

If you have less than 3 people to train in one session, this may not be cost effective so speak to us for other approaches that you might like to consider e.g. coming to us for a bespoke course.

Call us on 01989 730713 to find out more.  Or alternatively send an email to info@wcon.co.uk.