Quickbooks accounting software

Quickbooks accounting software
Quickbooks is a leading accounting software package which has become extremely popular with many small and medium sized businesses. It is widely regarded as one of the most flexible packages of its type, designed as it is to cover all users’ needs in relation to book keeping, tax, payroll, payments, billing, and many other functions. One outstanding feature is that different versions of the software are available in different countries, each one tailored to the tax laws and requirements of the authorities in that land. As a result even the most basic version of Quickbooks is a very complex package. Accounting departments made up of staff with different levels of experience with the system are likely not making full use of all the features available, or in a worst case scenario serious mistakes may be made by operatives who have not received adequate instruction.
A need has thus been identified for tailored training by experienced professionals. Wellington Consulting Ltd have stepped into the gap to offer courses designed to enable your staff to make full use of the software, thereby improving accuracy and efficiency in your accounting operations.
Our training is adaptable to any kind of business. If you are a sole trader or run your business part time from home, you can still benefit from the information and support we can offer. No business is too small. We appreciate that in start up enterprises with small numbers if staff, the book keeping is often one process which can be neglected due to lack of time, to the detriment of the business as a whole. We are also supply training to entire accounting departments of large, multinational companies. The common thread we find between all these clients is that none of them are using the package to its full potential. There is always more that Quickbooks can do for you and your business.
Our training is provided by accounting professionals who are also certified Intuit Quickbooks trainers and our main trainer who draws up the courses also has a teaching qualification. So whether our students are book keepers who have previously used other software packages, or novices with limited experience of computerised book keeping, we can quickly bring them up to speed with this powerful tool. Or maybe you are a business owner with no direct experience of accounting practice. We also run courses which highlight the information available to managers and directors from the Quickbooks system, as well as explaining exactly what this information means and how you can use it to make your business more profitable.
Book keeping is no longer an operation which involves rows of dour faced operatives crunching numbers. The information revolution has made complex calculations and procedures easy for businesses of all sizes. But even the most powerful software package is only effective when users know how to exploit its features. Sign up today. Visit our website to find out more about the courses we offer, and read testimonials from our many satisfied customers.