QuickBooks courses

These days, many people assume that a new piece of software will be easy to pick up. There are tips you can use when you first starting using it, and you can find lots of free resources to teach you how to do things. However, there are several reasons for not going down the self-taught route. Firstly, when you teach yourself to use a piece of software, you might be missing out on some important features you don't even realise exist. Secondly, some people learn better when they have someone else showing them what to do. If your business uses QuickBooks to manage your accounts, QuickBooks courses will ensure anyone who needs to use it is on the same page.


Desktop and Online QuickBooks


Intuit's QuickBooks offers two options to businesses to manage their accounts. The desktop version is one that is installed onto your computers, offering a range of essential functions for managing your company's accounts. The online version of QuickBooks is a newer option, which provides a cloud-based plan from three options. You can choose Self-employed, Essentials, or Plus at a monthly price to receive all the features you need. It's a good choice for businesses who want to make their business model scalable and want to save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses.


The Advantages of QuickBooks Courses


There are some excellent advantages to taking QuickBooks course or having your staff complete training on the software. QuickBooks courses offer you the opportunity to get familiar with everything QuickBooks can do for you, from the most basic functions to more complicated tasks. If you need to have several people at your company learn how to use QuickBooks, you can make sure they all have the same essential knowledge.


Types of QuickBooks Courses


At Wellington Consulting Ltd., there are a number of different courses to choose from. If you want to experience training in person, we can provide QuickBooks courses in our classroom in Wokingham. With class sizes of a maximum of four delegates, you can ensure everyone will get the time and attention they need. As an alternative to the one-day classroom course, online training is also available. These lessons are one-on-one for personal training, offering two-hour individual sessions. You can even record them if you want to.


Training Tailored to Your Business


We also have bespoke training available if the topics covered in the other QuickBooks courses aren't quite right for you. With our series of training modules, we can work out which ones are most suitable for your business. Bespoke training can be provided by mixing and matching up to 6 modules out of the 14 we have available. We can also provide consulting services for more established companies that have been using QuickBooks for longer.


Arrange QuickBooks Courses


Contact us today to make arrangements for QuickBooks courses for your company. We can find a solution to meet your needs. Call us or send an email to find out more about what Wellington Consulting can do for your business.